Mobile business heating software gives managers real time updates on carbon savings

A retail giant hopes to save 140 tonnes of carbon emissions a year by reducing the diameter of its toilet roll tubes. Sainsbury’s in the next few weeks will roll out its entire own brand toilet paper range containing a cardboard tube that has a diameter of 112mm instead of the usual 123mm. The supermarket says the move will remove approximately 500 trucks off the road each year and thus make the carbon savings.

Reducing its heating bills is a sure fire way for a business to reduce its emissions. HeatingSave’s computerised boiler control system can slash company heating bills by 20-30%-plus. It works on almost all types of heating or cooling system including multiple boilers and is approved by the Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust and Ofgem. HeatingSave’s mobile software lets you wirelessly check and control what is happening in your business from any iPhone, Smart Phone or wireless laptop. The real-time updates keep managers aware and informed whilst on the move.

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