Ofgem set to investigate six UK energy suppliers over failed efficiency targets

Although the UK’s largest energy suppliers have managed to achieve an impressive 99% of their energy efficiency targets by the end of 2012, Ofgem has just revealed the fact that they plan to investigate the missed 1%.

According to a news report, the regulator plans to investigate British Gas, Drax, GDF Suez/IPM, Intergen, Scottish Power and SSE for failing to attain the goals set by the Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2008, requiring energy firms to provide loft and wall insulation, replace old, inefficient boilers, and target measures at vulnerable customers in deprived areas of the UK.

The Ofgem also reported that, as a part of this ambitious program, more than 3.9 million lofts and 2.5 million cavity walls were insulated, and 150,000 vulnerable households received at least one energy efficiency measure.

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