Save money with system that controls solar panels for heating hot water cylinders

The government wants to slash the feed-in tariffs available to domestic and small-scale solar business installations, from 43p per kWh to just 21p per kWh. Under the proposals the new tariffs would apply to all new solar PV modules with an eligibility date on or after December 12, 2011. This has resulted in criticism from the solar industry, with one Twitter remark stating: “So you ‘consult’ until 23 Dec but cut off tariff from 12th? I guess you have a good lawyer?”

To make the most of savings and rates of return for solar power, built into the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is the ability to control solar panels (flat panels or the more efficient glass evacuated tube type) and use these to heat or pre-heat hot water cylinders. Temperature sensors are placed within the panel (or panel flow), on the return and within the zone to be heated. HeatingSave uses these to control when the solar circulation pump is switched on and off.

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