Take the best advice and use energy management system to make big savings

Energy saving has received a blow as various organisations were assessing how hard they would be hit by the £250 million of cuts imposed by the coalition government. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) will lose £162m, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), some £85m. DECC’s three largest delivery bodies, the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency, the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust, are all expected to see budgets cut by an average of 1 per cent this year.

The Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust both provide energy efficiency advice, and both back HeatingSave, which is a proven building energy management system. HeatingSave’s computer constantly adjusts its internal algorithm to maximise your boiler efficiency and savings. Its cutting-edge microprocessor is connected to a number of temperature sensors measuring the external outside temperature, room, hot water tank and heating flow and return temperatures.

Among the many advantages over a traditional time clock boiler system is that for business premises, you can set the heating to come on and shut off at a particular time. Most traditional set-ups are on a 24 hour clock and cannot vary the times throughout the week, wasting fuel at weekends. Even a seven day clock cannot cater for holidays or periods when the building is empty. The savings for homes and businesses are staggering, and the HeatingSave controller can pay for itself in just 12 months.

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