UK hospitality industry wastes £180m a year on energy

Old and less than efficient equipment and control technology are blamed for the huge energy wastes recorded in the hospitality industry, amounting to a staggering 180 million pounds a year, according to a recent research report.

The report published by BigHospitality was drawn up following extensive research carried out by the entities involved in the EEF scheme (The Carbon Trust and Siemens) and suggests that there’s a huge room for improvement as far as the implementation of energy-efficiency solutions are concerned.

Plus, restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars could also benefit significantly from the various financing options available out there,that would ultimately allow them to start saving energy, despite the initial investment.

If you’re also actively involved in this particular sector and you believe that it’s about time to implement a solution designed to let you save energy and cut your bills in the same time, then HeatingSave is the perfect solution for this job.

Fully scalable from a single building to a large international network of multi-site businesses with multi-boiler heating/cooling systems. HeatingSave will efficiently and cost effectively manage and reduce your energy-related costs, as well as alerting you via email or SMS messaging of equipment failures and process warnings, enabling you to take action.

Furthermore, the automatic processing nature of the HeatingSave Intelligent Controllers maintain comfort conditions and allow for the utility bills and other manually input data combine with automatic data from our control systems. The advanced PC software gives users full control over the costs, CO2 statistics and graphical pyramid reporting of energy usage, making the whole energy management process a lot easier.

If you want to find out more about the HeatingSave system or you’d like to benefit from one of our Free Energy Surveys, just get in touch with our dedicated product team, and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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