Energy bills set to drop by October

According to MoneySavingExpert, your current energy bills could fall by £75 a year from October.

This is due to Ofgem decreasing the price cap imposed on default/standard tariffs from £1,254 per year to £1,179 per year for a ‘typical user’, and also due to Ofgem reducing the cap for prepay tariffs.

These changes are the result of a decrease in the wholesale price for gas and electricity, thanks to a good supply and lower demand.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the price you pay for your energy bill will decrease, since that still depends on exactly how many units of energy you use. It also doesn’t mean that your current deal is the best deal you can get, as companies offer far better deals for new customers than their default/standard tariffs. Just like with mobile phones and car insurance, it doesn’t pay to be loyal to your supplier!

As well as switching to a different supplier to take advantage of one of these deals for new customers, another way to decrease the price of your energy bill is to invest in an effective Building Energy Management System like HeatingSave, which has reduced bills by as much as 35% for previous customers.

It achieves this feat by making sure that your premises only uses as much electricity as it needs. This is done using a sophisticated algorithm to calculate when the heating needs to turn on to reach the required temperature by the required time, as well as making use of a room diary and movement sensors to ensure that non heating is wasted on empty rooms.

The system collects internal and external temperature data, along with information on how the heating system works and details of energy use. It also monitors air quality including carbon dioxide, relative humidity, volatile organic compound levels and the way a building is used in terms of its occupancy, light and sound levels and the occupants’ activities and lifestyles.

The HeatingSave software is a web based user friendly and intuitive software application, delivering unrivalled control and monitoring of the heating system. Using just a browser from one desktop or laptop PC, tablet or smart phone you can control your entire building or a whole network of buildings. 

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