Energy efficiency measures help UK households save £290 a year on bills

Energy efficiency measures deployed across the UKL have managed to help households save £290 a year on their energy bills, a recent report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has been able to suggest.

The paper reveals that householders paid £115 less per year for their energy last year than in 2008 when the Climate Change Act was passed.

While low carbon policies added around £9 a month to an average household energy bill in 2016, it was offset by a reduction of more than £20 per month as a result of energy efficient measures.

However it suggests further improvements in energy efficiency have the potential to deliver savings worth £150 – or more if wholesale costs continue to rise.

According to the CCC, the costs associated with low carbon policies for businesses are expected to rise to around 0.5% of the operating costs for the commercial sector, 1% for manufacturing and 1.6% for energy intensive sectors by 2030.

CCC Chairman Lord Deben said: “Action to deliver a cleaner, more efficient energy system is already delivering benefits for households and businesses. UK emissions are falling – down 38% from 1990 to 2015 – while GDP has risen by almost 65% in the same period. Meanwhile the typical household energy bill has fallen in real terms since 2012.

“The UK’s progress to reduce emissions and its comparative advantage in important areas such as the automotive sector, offer opportunities for future growth and employment while delivering vital action to tackle climate change.”

HeatingSave – the Building Energy Management system of choice for driving down energy bills in any household

Energy management systems might represent a sizeable investment for any household, but the rapidly rising energy prices can actually deliver a very rapid return on investment, experts in the field have argued.

Home owners who are serious about slashing their energy bills will need to consider retrofitting their premises in some way, whether we’re talking about putting in renewable energy measures or more complex Building Energy Management Systems.

An energy management and monitoring system can help households stay on top of their energy usage and reduce their overall bills by running their light/heating systems in an optimum manner.

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