Energy efficiency measures help US consumers and businesses save £500bn last year

Implementing energy efficiency measures has helped the US save around $800 billion (£500bn) last year, a recent news report on this topic has been able to reveal.

The report by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) also pointed out that

‘energy intensity’ – the amount of energy used per dollar – fell from 12.1 thousand British thermal units (Btus) per dollar in 1980 to 6.1 thousand Btus per dollar in 2014, with around 60% of the improvement in energy intensity during the 35-year period was due to energy efficiency.

The repost states: “While much progress has been made, there are large and cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities which by 2050 can collectively reduce energy use by 40-60% relative to current forecasts.”

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