Energy supplier provides vouchers for fuel free top-ups

One of the UK’s Big Six energy suppliers has helped more than 600 Gloucester residents affected by fuel poverty, a recent news report in the local media has been able to reveal.

Energy firm npower has provided 220 vouchers for fuel free top-ups in Gloucester as part of a pilot programme. Every voucher has a £49 credit which people can use to top up their gas and electricity meters.

The programme has enabled local households that run out of energy to get the power back within a few hours and keep the lights and heating on for up to two weeks.

All households using pre-payment meters can benefit regardless of whether or not they are npower customers.

The programme is a partnership with poverty charities the Trussell Trust and National Energy Action.

HeatingSave – the perfect energy-saving system

While providing fuel vouchers to those in need is certainly a noteworthy initiative, putting in a system that would enable long-term energy savings is a better approach on the long term, and this is exactly what HeatingSave is all about.

The HeatingSave House & Home smart computerised energy management system will optimize your energy consumption levels, allowing you to cut you heating bills by anywhere between 20% and 30%+. This is possible due to our advanced heat-loss algorithm that self-learns the heating characteristics of each heating zone within a home and can then work out how to run the heating system more efficiently.

Furthermore, the HeatingSave PC software will allow home owners to thoroughly manage heating patterns, the heating diary, and see where & when they’ve been using the highest amount of fuel/energy and C02 (using the Carbon Trust’s own conversion factors for all types of fuel).

With HeatingSave, you’ll be able to control exactly what you’re spending on energy, when and how, which will bring you a lot closer to the goal of owning a zero carbon, money saving home.

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