Environmental managers declare climate emergency

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has declared a climate emergency, also arguing that the environment and sustainability professionals are “uniquely positioned” to respond to this emergency, making vital contributions within businesses and communities, a news report has been able to suggest.

The IEMA has set a target for carbon neutrality by 2020 and aims to work towards transitioning its operations to zero carbon operations.

The organisation has pledged to work with its members to support them in addressing the “urgent, strategic need” to tackle climate change.

Jonathan Foot, IEMA Fellow and Steering Group Chair for the IEMA Climate Change and Energy Network said: “We want to see every IEMA professional, no matter where they are in their career, committing to take positive action to deal with the climate and environment Emergency and to develop targets and goals to help them realise this ambition both in the workplace and at home.

“As environmental and sustainability practitioners we need to be ambassadors and to be leading by example.”

HeatingSave – the low-cost BMS that offers in-depth analysis tools for your building

Building management systems (or BMS systems) monitor and control building operations, such as heating and hot water provision, air-conditioning, electrical power, fire alarms and fire suppression, lighting, ventilation and even security (access control, video surveillance, etc.). These systems are increasingly connected to other information systems and the internet.

Quite obviously, in order to be able to deliver such a high level of control, BMS systems employ an array of sensors, each of them transmitting sensitive data to the main controller. Ensuring the data remains private and secure at all times is paramount f or the security of the buildings and residents.

The HeatingSave building management system features multiple sensors – temperature, flow and return temperature, PIRs, LUX, air quality, etc. – all contributing to the achievement of the ultimate goal – that of helping you drive down energy costs, while keeping your building comfortable and secure.

HeatingSave collects and stores meter readings each minute so that you have the granularity to be able to see the cause and effect. The same applies to other inputs such as temperatures, air quality and occupancy.

The starting point for the normalisation of most energy consumption related to heating is degree-day analysis. Since the outside temperature can vary significantly for site to site within a local geographical area, HeatingSave calculates the degree-days for each day for each site.

However, unlike some other competitors, data generated by HeatingSave is stored on the system itself – users can access it any given time. We don’t have access to the data (unless granted by the users when carrying out system diagnostics), and the data is most certainly not shared with any third party.

Furthermore, HeatingSave has top-level security protocols in place, meaning that even when you’re controlling your system remotely (for example, via the smart phone app), the security and privacy of your data are guaranteed.

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