£20m Green Deal Communities scheme set to help local authorities implement Green Deal faster

In a bid to boost Green Deal adoption in local communities, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has just announced the launch of a new scheme that will allow local authorities to bid for funding from the £20m pot.

According to DECC’s plans, local authorities will be in charge of identifying target streets and areas in their regions that could most benefit from the Green Deal, and then offer incentives to households in these areas to encourage them to install energy efficiency home improvements under the Green Deal.

Green Deal Communities will support local authorities, in partnership with local community organisations and businesses, to encourage take up of the Green Deal and other energy efficiency improvements in whole streets and areas throughout the country. Funding will only support those households using Green Deal finance or self-financing to install Green Deal measures.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: “If we are going to deliver the Green Deal at real scale then we need a ‘street-by-street’ vision and a ‘street-by-street’ plan! It starts here! However, local authorities really know their areas best. They know which streets and properties could most benefit from a Green Deal to improve their energy efficiency, and what local people need to provide them with a greater choice.

“The Coalition is committed to helping hard pressed consumers and this £20 million funding will help more families benefit from the Green Deal, making homes warmer and more efficient, and protecting consumers against rising energy bills.”

The HeatingSave technology is registered on the Government Energy Technology List, which means that users can easily obtain Green Deal funding in order to have the system installed.

Plus, since it allows home owners to cut energy bills by up to an impressive 30%+, HeatingSave is the perfect energy-saving measure to implement, given the huge long-term savings it enables.

If you’d like to find out more information on the HeatingSave system and the way in which one can take advantage of it in conjunction with the Green Deal program, just contact our dedicated team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of the questions and queries you might have.

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