60 percent of UK families switch their heating off in order to save money

The ever-rising energy bills are taking a very serious toll on the finances and lifestyle of most UK families, a recent study revealing the fact that around 60 percent of households are forced to temporarily switch off heating in order to keep costs at bay.

The Mumdex report, summarizing the results of a study carried out by supermarket giant Asda on 5,500 mothers, has revealed that six in ten families are forced to severely rationalize their heating in order to cope with the overall increases in costs. In fact, the respondents point out that bills have gone up 25 percent since 2008, while salary increases are significantly inferior to that value.

HeatingSave represents a great alternative to simply switching off the heating system, as it will allow home owners to save money and cut energy bills, but also enjoy quite a good level of personal comfort.

Employing an advanced array of sensors and a state-of-the-art controller, HeatingSave will optimize your household’s energy consumption levels depending on internal and external temperatures, occupancy, planned holidays, etc.

Furthermore, even if you don’t spend that much time at home, HeatingSave still enables you to constantly monitor and adjust the heating settings via its mobile software (smartphone and laptop – compatible), while also providing you heating and security warning alerts.

So, if you’re interested in saving money while keeping your house warm, do contact our professional sales team, we’ll be happy to help you cut your bills and stay comfortable too.  

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