Bills for Co-operative Energy customers go up by 100 pounds

From the 9’th of May, Co-operative Energy is to increase prices for 106,000 customers on its Pioneer tariff, which will see the average dual fuel bill go up by around £100, a news report reveals.

So, gas customers will have to pay an extra 8.5 percent on their bills, while electricity customers will have to fork out an extra 9%, despite promises from the company to freeze prices for existing accounts until at least 15 April.

As expected, Co-operative Energy blamed “escalating costs” for the soaring bills, claiming that the prices for energy transport had increased by 12% on 1 April and wholesale energy costs were up by 5% since November 2012.

However, if you’re a Co-operative Energy customer and you’re not particularly happy with this price hike, you should know that our HeatingSave system could actually mitigate its effects, helping you cut your energy bills by 20 to 30+%.

Employing an advanced array of sensors and a state-of-the-art controller, HeatingSave will optimize your household’s energy consumption levels depending on internal and external temperatures, occupancy, planned holidays, etc.

The HeatingSave intelligent control system “self learns” the heat-loss profile of your building and adjusts its functionality based on that. Furthermore, even if you don’t spend that much time at home, HeatingSave still enables you to constantly monitor and adjust the heating settings via its mobile software (smartphone and laptop – compatible), while also providing you heating and security warning alerts.

If you’re getting tired of paying way too much on your energy bills and you’re finally ready to make a difference, then contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all your queries.  

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