British Gas customers facing price rises can switch to temperature sensor heating system

Wholesale gas prices will be higher later in 2012, warned British Gas. The well-known energy supplier’s owners said gas costs would be 15% more expensive next winter, adding: “The trend for retail energy costs therefore remains upwards.” British Gas customers last August saw a 16 per cent rise in electricity prices and an 18% rise in gas prices. Price comparison website Uswitch representative Tom Lyon said: “Any further increases will see even more people seriously struggling to afford their bills.”

Gas customers can ward off price rises by switching now to HeatingSave and saving around a quarter to one-third off bills. One of HeatingSave’s money-saving features is the room sensor which replaces where your existing room thermostat was located. It continuously measures the temperature in your home and feeds this to the HeatingSave controller. The room sensor cannot be fiddled with, so there is no danger that someone will turn up the heating and just forget about it. It can be programmed to boost the heating for a period.

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