Building energy management system better choice for Scottish homes

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have been angered by the news that the Boiler Scrappage Scheme brought forward by the Scottish National Party (SNP) Government has run dry two days after its launch. The SNP’s scheme was along the lines of similar programmes in England and Wales so that people with old or faulty boilers would be given money to help buy and fit new, energy efficient models. Labour MSPs were furious that there was only money available for 5000 people.

An easier way to make your boiler and central heating system more efficient is to install a Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Provided by HeatingSave, the intelligent set-up has automatic control of immersion heaters in summer. In almost all hot water heating systems, the immersion heater is timed to come on and off at certain times of the day. Just like boilers they cannot switch themselves on later if it’s warm when the hot water cylinder is almost up to temperature.

HeatingSave’s clever computer switches on the immersion heater at the latest possible moment to get your hot water to the right temperature at the right time – this time saving you money on your electricity bill.

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