Centrica profits soar due to spikes in energy usage over the first months of the year

Due to the bout of very cold weather over the first four months of 2013, gas consumption levels went up around 18 per cent, while electricity usage was up 3 per cent over the same timeframe, sources from Centrica revealed.

Naturally, this increase in overall consumption, coupled with the general utility price hikes recorded since the start of the year, led to some very good profits for the aforementioned energy supplier (owner of British Gas).

In fact, things have been going extremely well for the company, since they’ve also reported a 28,000 increase in the number of residential energy supply accounts over the first four months of 2013.

The energy supplier tried to dampen the overall effect of these figures, claiming that all the extra money will be re-invested in order to benefit consumers. “Recognising the economic prices facing many of our customers, the board has determined that any benefit arising from the exceptionally cold weather will be used to maintain our price competitiveness,” Centrica’s board said in an official statement.

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