Controller matches heating to building usage to cut home or business oil fuel bills

Future oil drilling in the North Sea was dealt a blow after a high court judge said he would hear a legal challenge from campaigners Greenpeace over deep-water licences for drilling off the Scottish coast. This could see many projects blocked and existing licences quashed. It could put more pressure on the price of oil, which recently hit $120 a barrel during the Middle East crisis.

A customer using an oil-fired central heating system, whether a home or a business, can save £100s off bills with a HeatingSave energy management system. Via the HeatingSave controller you can change a room temperature requirement over 1,000 times a day, giving you 100 per cent control of the heating throughout the year. This has the advantage over traditional time clocks which set the heating to come on at a particular time and cannot vary the times throughout the week, wasting fuel at weekends. This accurate method of matching heating to building usage is particularly useful for businesses, saving money between 10% and 30%-plus.

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