Cut high winter fuel bills using computerised boiler control system

A price comparison website has warned consumers they will face a 20 per cent rise in fuel bills this winter. Cold weather and rising gas prices are expected to push the average quarterly fuel bill up to a record £658. The website, which is fully accredited to the Consumer Focus Confidence Code to compare energy for domestic users, says households face a 52 per cent rise in the past month alone, with gas bills averaging £164 for the month and electricity £40.

Households reeling from high winter bills can cut them by as much as 30% using the HeatingSave House & Home Boiler Control System. The outside winter temperature first thing in the morning can be -5°c on one day and +12°c the next, so HeatingSave’s computerised controller calculates the heat loss profile of your specific building using the current outside and inside temperature to work out the absolute latest time to switch on the boiler for the rooms to be warm for when you want them. Equally, HeatingSave switches off the boiler early on warm days at the end of the heating period – saving up to another 8% of fuel.

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