Cutting bills through HeatingSave is the solution to higher fuel tariffs

Energy consumers face more pain as households on good deals with British Gas and npower face hugely higher bills – if only they had gone to HeatingSave earlier to cut them! Thousands of npower customers were moved off various Sign On Line deals to tariffs which could be 25 per cent higher. In reply, npower says its hand was forced by a recent ruling by Ofgem, the energy regulator, that ordered companies to offer only deals that reflected the true cost of providing power.

British Gas users whose Price Protection Plan 2010 ends soon, face an average rise in price of £374. These 500,000 customers previously had their fuel bills ‘ring-fenced’ for five years. 

The alternative to the tariff merry-go-round is to adopt the clever HeatingSave central heating management system which raises its efficiency by a quarter and thus gives big savings, while having a quick ‘payback’ period.

A key feature of HeatingSave is how it automatically adjusts the boiler temperature depending upon the outside temperature, using the smallest amount of fuel to keep a building warm. Among its other features are its ability to accurately watch the climbing room temperature and switches off the heat, using the residual heat within the boiler, to reach the correct room temperature. Thermostats cannot do this. 

Connect our infra-red occupancy detectors to the HeatingSave system and the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is at home but automatically turn up the heating when you arrive home and need it. For small to medium sized businesses the saving here can be enormous as the building is only heated when people are about. A HeatingSave system often pays for itself in less than a year.

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