Efficient gadget uses minimum amount of fuel to keep frost at bay

Conservative minister Nick Hurd last week said better-off OAPs should consider donating their winter fuel payments to charity. The government hands out winter fuel payments to UK residents of pensionable age – those born on or before July 5, 1951 – to help with their heating bills when fuel expenditure is high. The payment is made during November and December each year. People who receive the State Pension or any other social security benefit automatically get allocated the payment.

This time of year is traditionally when people, especially pensioners, struggle to pay their high heating bills – but HeatingSave slashes bills. Frost thermostats have the inherent disadvantages of thermostats and always switch on the heating. HeatingSave initially turns on the heating pump, distributing heat from one part of the building to another. Only when this is not enough will it switch on the boiler and then only using the minimum amount of fuel to keep the frost at bay. This alone can achieve savings of 2%+ off fuel.

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