Energy efficiency should become a national infrastructure priority, campaigners argue

A campaign group comprising 20 organizations has asked the government to turn home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority, while also urging all parties to commit to retrofit 1m homes a year by 2020.

The coalition of organisations from the construction, housing and environment sectors wrote an open letter to the commercial secretary of the treasury, warning Lord Deighton that the UK’s homes are among the ‘coldest and draughtiest in Europe’ resulting in high energy bills and ‘one of the worst records on fuel poverty and preventable winter deaths’.

The letter coincides with the release of a report drawn up by members of the group and called “A housing stock fit for the future”, which sets out the economic benefits for improving home energy efficiency. These include doubling the number of jobs in the energy efficiency sector to 260,000, reducing the UK’s reliance on imported gas, reducing the number of ‘excess’ winter deaths, reducing energy bills by £300 and lifting nine out of 10 homes out of fuel poverty.

Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council and campaign leader, said: ‘Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority – and offering it significant support alongside transport, energy generation or communications projects – would not only cut households’ rocketing energy bills and help tackle climate change, but would create thousands of new jobs and strengthen the UK’s energy security. Government spends £45 billion a year on capital infrastructure investment – our bricks and mortar deserve to be included.’

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