Energy prices to stay high this winter

The major suppliers of energy have told the regulator Ofgem that there is “little chance” of them reducing energy bills this winter. (of course we all know that when they say this they really mean, no chance) Energy firms say that their costs, excluding the price of the energy itself, have risen steeply and that it is for this reason that prices will not come down; despite an anticipated decrease in wholesale energy costs.

This news is cold comfort to householders and small businesses who will be paying higher prices to heat homes and premises once the cold weather kicks in. Whilst the Government and regulator will be wring their hands saying that they cannot actually force the energy companies to lower bills, there is something that consumers can do about this situation right now.

Almost certainly it’s the case that the central heating time-clock and controls on your boiler will soon be wasting large amounts of fuel as you turn on the heating after the summer recess. This is especially the case if you have an old-ish boiler and heating system. However, if you were to install a HeatingSave building energy management system in replacement of your boiler time-clock, then you will save typically between 20% and 30%+ in fuel usage and cost, easily off setting the 2009 rise in bills.

Why install HeatingSave now? Well, that’s because the greatest savings made by HeatingSave is in the autumn as the planet starts to cool down and heating systems come on. To find out more about building energy management system, please get in touch.

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