Energy saving heating controller is best for Energy Security and Green Economy

The coalition have today (Wednesday, December 8) introduced to parliament a bill to provide homeowners with four-figure loans to make their properties more energy-efficient. The energy security and green economy bill is expected to make power companies legally obliged to slash greenhouse gas emissions in their customers’ homes. Companies could be offering incentives, such as foreign holidays, for customers to take out ‘green deal’ loans. The government needs to cut by 20% the energy used for heating water and rooms in buildings, which generates about a third of the UK’s carbon emissions.

There is no better product than a HeatingSave House & Home System for homeowners to make their properties more energy-efficient and make CO2 reductions. It is Government approved to work by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust with typical savings of over 25%. A HeatingSave Building Energy Management controller is retrofitted, replacing the boiler time clock, where its internal computer learns and constantly recalculates the heat-loss profile of your home. Using this information, HeatingSave then runs your boiler more efficiently reducing to a minimum the amount of fuel used. Additional multiple features further help to cut emissions. These include a heating diary for each day of the year and heating zones for different parts of the house.

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