Fuel bill savings from central heating management system helps beat inflation

Savings are a dead loss; inflation is going up – so try HeatingSave as a way to maximise your cash in order to slash a quarter from your fuel bills. The Office for National Statistics said Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual inflation rose 0.6 percent in April from March. Analysts had forecast a gain of 0.4% in this measure, according to Dow Jones Newswires.

British banks offer only 20 accounts which inflation-proof savers’ cash deposits, but they require cash to be locked away for an extended period. “Rises in the rate of inflation continue to antagonise savers who are already struggling to achieve a competitive rate of return on their money,” said Darren Cook, spokesman for comparison website Moneyfacts.co.uk.

Making hundreds of pounds’ difference to your annual budget is HeatingSave’s central heating management system – which works for all sorts of heating systems. HeatingSave’s state-of-the-art microprocessor is connected to a number of temperature sensors measuring the external outside temperature, room, hot water tank and heating flow and return temperatures. HeatingSave counts the minutes each day it switches on and off your boiler or your immersion. The longer it has been installed, the more it saves as the microprocessor continually refines its mathematical thermal algorithm of your property.

Price comparison websites estimate that average annual fuel bills are about £1,250. HeatingSave House and Home is less than £500 bought online, and as the system gives 20% to 30% savings (say, £400 per year), the payback will be in a little over a year.

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