Fuel saving system compensates for unusually warm or cold days in spring and autumn

Households have been encouraged to take additional measures including insulation to reduce their domestic fuel bills by organisations such as the Energy Saving Trust. According to Scottish Power’s website the average household will save £160 a year by installing loft and cavity wall insulation. This autumn the same company raised its gas price by 19% and electricity price by 10% – thus wiping out any savings.

HeatingSave is a better long-term answer to rising energy prices as savings can be 30 per cent or more. Room Set Point Matching is one way this computer-powered boiler and heating control system saves households money. Room temperature set points are matched by HeatingSave’s ‘heat loss algorithm’ to automatically compensate for unusually warm or unusually cold days in spring and autumn. HeatingSave matches the outside temperature to the heating zone. The user can vary the rate at which this is applied to each heating zone so they can balance this effect. HeatingSave is also recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

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