Gas and electricity rises means it’s time to reduce heating costs with Heating Save

Scottish Power and Npower  have followed the other utility companies with massive price rises in gas and electricity, with gas up by around 34% and 26 %  respectively and electricity by 9% and 14%. All price rises are effective as of this week and neither firm has ruled out further price increases citing increased wholesale prices as the reason for the large increases. 

Willie MacDiarmid , Scottish Powers’ boss said that these are are difficult times and that he understood the financial impact this announcement would have on their customers.

Many people are wondering “how can I reduce my heating costs?”, well the answer is not to replace you central heating boiler, unless of course it’s broken; nor to replace you central heating system.

The best way to cut you central heating bills is to install a HeatingSave boiler controller for just £382.00 excluding VAT. Fuel savings of between 15% and 25% are easily achievable and using your PC you can monitor and plot the savings and the way you use you central heating system graphically on the PC screen.

Energy bills that have gone up by almost 40% this year alone and that’s on top of the 30%+ increases last year. There is really no time to loose. Fit a HeatingSave boiler controller to your home or business and start taking charge of the situation.

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