Get a better deal on heating costs via smart phone while you are out and about

Ann Robinson from comparison website uSwitch says energy customers need an annual renewal notice to get a better deal. She made the claim after British Gas reported a rise in profits for 2012 of 11%. She said: “Customers want a fair deal but with the 11 per cent increase in profits I think they’re going to feel very hard done by.” Ms Robinson added that only 15% of customers switch tariff providers. “People lack confidence and don’t know how to switch,” she said.

Get a better deal on your heating costs with savings of one-quarter using the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System. Using a smart phone or wireless mobile connection you can control and manage HeatingSave in real-time while you are out and about. One of the methods HeatingSave uses to save on fuel bills is by not over heating a building by applying adaptive outside temperature compensation using 12 different compensation curves that can be simply changed by the user.

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