Government pledges to building only zero carbon homes from 2016


Upon revealing the new Budget, the UK government has reaffirmed its commitment to building zero carbon homes from 2016, the Chancellor also announcing the imminent release of a “detailed plan” including a response to the 2012 consultation on the energy efficiency requirements in building regulations by May 2013.

However, the Budget mentions nothing about the Green Deal or measures for retrofitting buildings, which has led to questions being raised by the industry regarding the government’s commitment to green growth.

“George Osborne’s re-commitment to zero carbon homes from 2016 is the one shining green beacon in today’s Budget,” said UK Green Building Council chief executive Paul King, according to a news report. “The fact that it [the commitment to zero carbon homes] is there is welcome and important, but it looks very solitary in a Budget otherwise devoid of support for green growth, with even the government’s flagship Green Deal failing to get a look in.”

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Furthermore, the HeatingSave PC software will allow home owners to thoroughly manage heating patterns, the heating diary, and see where & when they’ve been using the highest amount of fuel/energy and C02 (using the Carbon Trust’s own conversion factors for all types of fuel).

With HeatingSave, you’ll be able to control exactly what you’re spending on energy, when and how, which will bring you a lot closer to the goal of owning a zero carbon, money saving home.  

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