Heating automatically turns down when nobody is at home and slashes energy costs

Fears have sprung up about fuel shortages after one of the largest oil refineries in the UK fell into administration. The Coryton oil refinery in Essex, which supplies 20% of fuel in London and the South East, has suspended sales and told its staff it is unsure when supplies will start again. The former BP-owned refinery has a total capacity of 175,000 barrels of crude oil per day. It is one of eight refineries in the UK.

Fuel shortages lead to higher prices, and to ensure your energy bills stay lower HeatingSave can slash costs by 30 per cent. Connect our PIR room occupancy sensors to the HeatingSave controller and the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is at home but automatically turn up the heating when you arrive home and need it. Used in conjunction with the heating diary, occupancy sensors are great at saving you money when the unexpected happens. HeatingSave spots when you are not at home and automatically lowers the room temperature.

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