Heating controller slashes fossil fuel use of homes or businesses

An academic said a worldwide deal on climate change will be several years away. Since last December 130 countries have associated with the Copenhagen accord and over 80 have put in their emissions reductions commitments. Michael Jacobs blamed “geopolitics” for the lack of progress at the summit, but said: “I see tremendous hope in what is going on now in individual countries.” Emily Thornberry, a junior minister in the Department of Energy and Climate Change who attended the Copenhagen summit, said the negotiations were “like multi-dimensional chess”.

A lack of global agreement is not an excuse to ignore a cheap and effective way to reduce your building’s carbon emissions. Our building energy management system (BEMS) for homes or businesses controls your boiler or other heat source to use the least amount of fossil fuels. HeatingSave reduces your bills carbon footprint by 8% to 12% alone simply by setting a heating pattern for each day of the year, and establishing multiple heating zones. By switching off the heating rooms or zones (or the entire property) you will save energy and money.

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