Heating controller so effective in cutting carbon emissions

The Guardian newspaper is running a Lighter Later campaign to have the clocks permanently changed, adding that continuing to move the clocks forward in summer, so they become one hour ahead of British Summer Time and two hours ahead of GMT, could also deliver carbon savings. Research the paper has commissioned has been presented at an event at Parliament. Dr Elizabeth Garnsey, who led the study for Cambridge University, said: “The carbon savings associated with this clock change are significant, equivalent to the carbon footprint of the production of 1,800 plastic bags for every home in Britain every year, or taking around 200,000 cars off the road.”

Replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave controller is an even more effective way of controlling your carbon dioxide emissions. Install and forget is the principle of the system as its internal microprocessor constantly calculates, improves and adjusts the efficiency of your central heating system. It means 20% to 30% savings on emissions and energy are easily achievable. It works on most types of gas and oil fired boilers – especially old ones – and now solid fuel too.

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