Heating controller uses building heat loss profile to make fuel savings

A leading authority on public health says the system for calculating most domestic fuel bills in the UK is contributing to thousands of deaths each winter. The UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) says two-tier tariffs, where the first units cost more, hit the poorest hardest. UKPHA chairman Professor John Ashton says winter death rates are much higher in Britain than in Scandinavia. Domestic fuel costs have risen steeply in recent years, but Prof Ashton says the problem is made worse by the two-tier tariff.

HeatingSave is a microprocessor boiler and central heating controller that can save you £100s off your heating bill, usually paying for itself in less than a year. Existing manual heat controls require you to turn them up in cold weather and down in warm weather; but you have to remember to do this with fluctuating outside temperatures. HeatingSave does this automatically for you using your building’s particular heat loss profile which it has been developing and refining since the day it was installed – saving up to 10% fuel.

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