Heating controller works out latest moment to switch on boiler for rooms to be warm

The Spanish government is rushing to print new signs to alert its people of a reduction in the motorway speed limit as oil prices rise. This is just one method the administration is using to tackle rising prices due to unrest in Libya. The maximum speed limit on Spanish motorways will be lowered to 110kph (68mph). Around 13% of the oil Spain consumes comes from Libya.

HeatingSave’s intelligent boiler control is the antidote to rising oil prices. Your current heating time clock turns on your boiler so your rooms are warm at a specific time. It does this irrespective of the outside temperature, because it doesn’t know it. The outside winter temperature first thing in the morning can drastically change from day to day, so HeatingSave calculates the heat loss profile of your specific building using the current outside and inside temperature to work out the absolute latest time to switch on the boiler for the rooms to be warm for when you want them. This saves up to 8% of fuel, and total annual savings can reach £100s.

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