Heating software shows where and when you have been using the most fuel

The UK Treasury could fight EU calls to end tax breaks for energy-saving goods. European Commission officials have given the UK two months to reinstate the normal rate of VAT on items like insulation and warned that if it fails to do so, the case could be referred to the European Court of Justice. A spokeswoman for the Treasury said that it disagrees with the Commission’s ruling and will now “study the arguments” before deciding how to proceed.

The HeatingSave Boiler & Heating Control System is arguably the best investment in energy-saving goods your home or business can make, usually saving 20-30% off bills. While you can set up and run HeatingSave from its ‘mobile phone’ type keypad and display, the system really comes alive if you decide to load the HeatingSave software to run on a home PC. The features can be accessed from anywhere on the planet which has a broadband connection or a 3G telephone. You can see where and when you have been using the most fuel/energy.

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