Heating system keeps boiler running efficiently and avoids wasting fuel

Seeing as it is so cold at the moment in the UK, most people are prompted to hibernate by staying at home and ramping up the heating. However the big energy providers have now announced big price rises this winter. Furthermore, it is estimated that UK households are throwing away an average of £270 each a year by wasting their heat. The trust says as much as a third of all household heat goes out of the roof.

HeatingSave helps make your home more energy efficient. It does this in a number of ways, one of which is flow and return monitoring. Your boiler has a flow and return pipe carrying the heated water to the radiators and hot water cylinder(s). There should be several degrees difference between these for the heating system is working efficiently. HeatingSave constantly monitors the flow and return temperature, adjusting the boiler temperature to keep the boiler running efficiently and avoid wasting fuel – savings are up to 8%.

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