HeatingSave awarded the Carbon Trust “Accredited Supplier” status

Carbon Trust Implementation Services has just informed HeatingSave and Tensor plc that they have been successfully selected as has an ‘Accredited Supplier’ to the Carbon Trust. Geoff Smyth, head of technology and partnerships at he Carbon Trust Implementation Services said that the “case studies, combined with the positive feedback received from HeatingSave and Tensor plc’s client reference sites, had sufficiently demonstrated that the company has a significant track record in the design and delivery of successful high quality building services controls. We congratulate them on their past achievements and very much look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.

The ‘Accredited Supplier’ status was awarded in recognition of HeatingSave’s track record in supplying and installing high quality energy efficient solutions for its customers. Within the case studies submitted in support of their application, Tensor featured its HeatingSave product – a revolutionary Energy Management System that took 2 years for their scientists and engineers to develop. HeatingSave not only reduces the energy consumption of businesses and homes by typically 25%+ but has unique features such as a heat-loss algorithm that can be applied to each heating zone for latest possible start of a heating period and early switch-off; when conditional make it possible, at the end of the period. It uses occupancy sensors to turn down the heating when nobody is about and automatically turn it up when the building is occupied, which makes it particularly suitable for variably occupied buildings.

There are also many more features to the system.  HeatingSave also monitors and controls electricity usage in real-time, including solar PV monitoring, costing calculations and load balancing. It can also be operated from mobile devices such as an iPhone.

HeatingSave is approved to work and save fuel within the Energy Technology List, which is managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of the Government. It is also approved by the Department of Energy & Climate Change and the Energy Savings Trust.

HeatingSave was specified by the Building Research Establishment for the energy efficient homes retro-fit program, called The Greenhouse Project. This was financed by Huntingdon District Council.

HeatingSave will also be a component part of the Governments Green Deal program, to be launched this autumn, with the Greenhouse project houses in St Neots and St Ives likely to be exemplars of what can be done to cut fuel bills.

HeatingSave is being installed in the police stations of Bedfordshire and other police services and is already in the stations of Essex Fire & Rescue, Cambridge shire Fire & Rescue and other UK fire services. It is also installed in schools, care homes, ambulance services and commercial buildings.

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