HeatingSave can help cut greenhouse gases coming from homes

As experts doubt that pledges made at a United Nations summit in Copenhagen in December will actually deliver, it is no wonder people are concerned about the rise in greenhouse gases. On a domestic level, using new technology like a HeatingSave energy management system can cut down on central heating’s contribution to harmful emissions whilst saving money at the same time.

More than 120 countries have now associated themselves with the Copenhagen Accord, the political agreement decided on the summit”s final day last year. But a new report says the actions of the Accord are unlikely to keep global warming rising below the two degrees Celsius target. Analysts at an Institute in Germany say a rise of at least 3C over the next 100 years is a more accurate prediction.

Central heating burns fossil fuel, so contributes to the world warming up. But you can make your system more effective, save money, and also be friendly to the environment. More than 97% of central heating systems use a simple time clock, boiler and room thermostat to control the heating, which is very inefficient and an out of date technology. 

With a HeatingSave Building Energy Management system a small computer based unit replaces the function of the boiler time clock and uses temperature probes to constantly read the temperature of various parts of the heating system. This data is then fed into a mathematical algorithm that calculates the latest time each day to switch on the heating system, thereby severely cutting CO2 emissions. Simply choose the room temperature and the hot water you want, and when, and HeatingSave does the rest, giving you comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. It works on most types of gas and oil fired boilers, now solid fuel ones too.

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