HeatingSave cuts carbon footprint of buildings as USA stalls legislation

There has been a big blow to prospective climate legislation in the United States of America. A group of senators were due to unveil a new bill this week, but postponed their plans when one of the three, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, threatened to pull out if Senate majority leader Harry Reid followed through on talk of introducing a bill to reform immigration policy.

This is an important setback as Mr Graham is a Republican climate legislation supporter, whereas the vast majority of his party is opposed to the measures. In the wake of this impasse, users of fossil fuel energy, whether in a business or a home, can cut their personal cause of carbon pollution with the intelligent HeatingSave central heating controller.

There are many ways that HeatingSave limits the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from your building in the form of burning fossil fuels by making your heating system more efficient. For example, your boiler has a flow and return pipe carrying the heated water to your radiators and hot water cylinder. There should be several degrees difference between these if your heating system is working efficiently. HeatingSave constantly monitors the flow and return temperature, adjusting the boiler temperature to keep your boiler running efficiently, thus cutting emissions making savings up to 8%.

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