HeatingSave fights fuel poverty by lowering your bills

A committee of MPs has just warned that the government is on course to fail to meet its own targets on reducing fuel poverty. The official definition of fuel poverty is “spending more than 10 per cent of household income on energy bills”. As the period between last December and March brought the coldest winter for a generation and fuel bills continue to rise, the committee’s findings do not really come as a surprise.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee predicts the target of ministers – to end fuel poverty in England among households which include the elderly, the disabled or children this year – will be missed. 

A way of lowering your fuel bills is to install a HeatingSave House & Home energy management system, which automatically runs your central heating system more efficiently. For example, on a typical winter’s day, a person feels cold and turns up the heating thermostat. Instead of making a small adjustment, they turn it on full so the room overheats. Of course, if they then go out and forget to switch the thermostat down the house is overheated whilst there is nobody at home. The beauty of HeatingSave is that it automatically adjusts the heating, so you are kept warm and use the least amount of fuel.

Another really great automatic feature of HeatingSave is the way it uses occupancy sensors. These act just like the PIR sensors found attached to burglar alarms, but instead of being used to detect intruders they detect the presence of people so that the heating can be better managed. This is how it works. The heating runs normally when people are around and is then automatically turned down when nobody is at home. Occupancy sensors are cheap and easy to install and attach to a HeatingSave controller. At the current price of fuel, occupancy sensors can pay for themselves within weeks!

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