HeatingSave House and Home now Government Approved

The HeatingSave House and Home system for domestic dwellings has obtained Government approval from DEFRA via the Carbon Trust. The prestigious Energy Technology List of approved products registers energy saving products that have been scientifically tested and proven to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

In the case of HeatingSave House and Home this means savings of around 24% to 30%+ off the amount of natural gas, kerosene heating oil or solid fuel used in central heating systems. Heating Save House and Home has been given a reference number of 43923 and is recorded in the optimizing Controllers for Wet Heating Systems category.

Mr Collins who was one of the first users of the system said “I am pleased that HeatingSave have been recognized for the work they have done. The system certainly saved me a lot of money!”.

The House & Home pack includes the HeatingSave boiler controller together with 5 temperature sensors. These are used to monitor and control the boiler flow and return pipe temperatures as well as the temperatures in the various heating zones. One of these zones can be the hot water cylinder. Here, the hot water temperature may be varied at different times of the day. For example, you might want hot water at 65°c for baths in the morning but only water at 45°c during the day for washing of hands and dishes. This might not sound much of a saving but it all adds up over the course of a heating year, especially when using electric immersion heaters in summer. As the system is automatic, you can leave HeatingSave to run your heating unaided – all the time saving you money.

HeatingSave House & Home comes complete with PC software that shows graphs of the savings made and the amount of fuel and energy used. However, the PC software is not essential to HeatingSave as the boiler controller has a keypad and backlit LCD display used to run the system. Unlike most heating system time clocks, this keypad/display has a large character 4 line by 16 character display, is similar in use to a mobile phone and is very “user friendly”.

Dr Alex Starling oversaw the scientific and engineering preparation work for submission of HeatingSave House & Home to the Government. “From the evidence I have seen HeatingSave House and Home will save on average over 20% off heating bills” he said. Dr Starling thought that the savings were impressive, especially when compared to the cost of installing a new condensing boiler. He also viewed the temperature and energy usage graphs produced by the system.

“Most domestic UK central heating systems use old technology controls. The beauty of HeatingSave is that you can retro-fit it to an existing heating system. It won”t turn an old system into a new one, but it will make significant savings with what you have already got and reduce your carbon footprint” added Dr Starling.

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