How to cut homes and businesses carbon footprints

Homes or business wanting to cut their carbon footprint can enlist the help of HeatingSave, using its low-cost energy management and boiler controller device that is proved to give more efficient fuel usage. Heating buildings result in carbon dioxide emissions, and the more efficient your heating system is, the more your carbon footprint will be reduced.

In the HeatingSave House and Home system the HeatingSave controller constantly reads the temperature from sensors connected to the flow and return pipe of your boiler, hot water tank and outside your home to learn about the heat loss profile of your house. This is constantly recalculated and refined each day to save fuel and cut down on CO2.

For example the outside winter temperature first thing in the morning can be -5°C on one day and +12°C the next, so HeatingSave calculates the heat loss profile of your specific building using the current outside and inside temperature to work out the absolute latest time to switch on the boiler for the rooms to be warm for when you want them. Equally, HeatingSave switches off the boiler early on warm days at the end of the heating period – saving up to another 8% of fuel and CO2 use.

The Small Business version of HeatingSave can be expanded to cover multiple heating zones, while HeatingSave Enterprise supports large, multi-site businesses. Here, occupancy sensors detect body heat and from this calculate when the building is being used, only turning up the boiler when people are around.

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