Keep home heating costs down via iPhone while on the move

A new scheme called Greener Homes Innovation will encourage more fuel-efficient housing. The scheme is being rolled out following a new £10m fund announced by the Scottish government. The idea is to build hundreds of eco-friendly homes. Floors, pipes, walls and roof are assembled in a factory then shipped over as a unit to the building site. It is claimed there is less disruption to the environment by using this process compared to more conventional building methods.

Keep heating costs down and increase fuel efficiency in your building with the PC controlled HeatingSave House & Home Boiler Control System. HeatingSave’s mobile software via a broadband connection also lets you wirelessly check and control what’s happening in your home from any iPhone, Smart Phone or wireless laptop. While on the move you can easily update your heating diary because your plans have changed as well as efficiently control fuel and energy costs. Customisable alerts give you only the information that you want to receive.

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