Money-saving boiler gadget prevents dry cycling which wastes fuel

profits British Gas gone up household bills rose Centrica energy HeatingSave fuel and money-saving system prevents dry cycling operating wastes fuel boiler wearToday (July 26) it was announced profits at British Gas (BG) have gone up 23 per cent to £345m – while household bills rose £90 in the first half of the year. BG owners Centrica’s finance director Nick Luff said the improvement in the bottom line had been driven by demand returning to “normal levels” among the group’s 15.8 million customers. BG warned of further increases in bills this year, after last winter’s harsh weather hiked British energy bills.

British Gas and other customers worried about sky-high bills can switch to HeatingSave’s fuel and money-saving heating control system. Dry cycling occurs when the thermostat turns on a boiler for a very short time, not giving the boiler chance to fire up properly. This is because thermostats are dumb devices and have no idea of what they are connected to. HeatingSave prevents dry cycling as it knows the operating characteristics of your particular boiler(s) and runs them efficiently, preventing dry cycling which wastes fuel and puts undue wear on the boiler.

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