Money saving PC software sets up heating patterns required for any particular day

Commodity analysts at Japanese bank Nomura have warned that oil prices could perhaps strike $220 a barrel if the crisis in the Middle East continues. The market gurus compared the current situation to the 1990-1991 Gulf War, saying if Algeria and Libya were to halt oil production, prices could peak at the $220 mark. Others have given a more modest prediction of $150 if the unrest spreads. The average barrel price has surged beyond $120 in the past fortnight.

Price comparison websites estimate that average annual fuel bills are about £1,250 – and as world oil prices go up, so must many heating bills. HeatingSave House and Home is less than £500 bought online, and as the system gives 20% to 30% savings (say, £400 per year), the payback will be in a little over a year. The PC software enables you to have complete control over your central heating system by entering the heating patterns you require for any particular day and allowing you to see the savings you are making graphically on the PC screen.

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