MPs grilling the DECC over expected outcome of Green Deal program

MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee are complaining about the DECC’s lack of clarity in explaining what are the actual long-term targets of the Green Deal program in a recent report.

According to an article in the media on this matter, the report sets out areas the MPs will monitor, including public awareness and value for money, which have been heavily criticised. Furthermore, the committee will track take-up levels, energy and carbon savings, customer satisfaction, and job creation.

Energy and Climate Change Committee chairman Tim Yeo said: “Our role is to hold Government to account. But it’s impossible to do this if the Government itself cannot explain precisely what it is hoping to achieve through its policies.”

Yeo added that improving the energy efficiency in households is an extremely important topic nowadays, especially since energy bills have been going nowhere but up lately.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to point out that the report also identifies a number of potential challenges, which could lead to low take up of the Green Deal. One of the most important such issues is represented by the fact that people in rented accommodation might have difficulty gaining consents from their landlords and that cheaper sources of finance might be available from other sources.

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