Owners of energy-efficient homes should pay less on council tax, campaigners argue

Home owners who decide to invest in energy-efficiency measures for their properties should actually get more incentives in order to do so, such as a reduction in the overall council tax bill and stamp duty, campaigners from the UK Green Building Council argued.

As a news report reveals, the organization recently published an extensive analysis regarding the efficiency (or lack thereof) of the GreenDeal programme. The paper claims that one way of funding extra incentives would be to actually force owners (or renters) of non-efficient households to pay more on their council tax bills.

Paul King, UK GBC’s chief executive, said: “This sends a powerful message to the government that there are viable policy options available to boost demand for the green deal and help tackle the UK’s energy efficiency crisis. The research shows not only the impact additional incentives would have on carbon savings, but how they could breathe new life into the construction sector and boost economic growth”.

Unfortunately, this initiative is not likely to record a significant level of success, especially due to the fact that most people who live in households that are far from being energy-efficient spend more on fuel and don’t really afford investing in energy-efficiency measures.

The UK Green Building Council believes that, by providing further incentives for energy efficient properties, an increase in demand for retrofit of properties will also follow suite, thus creating economic growth. In fact, the organization suggests that such a scheme could deliver between 65,000 and 169,000 additional retrofits a year.

The HeatingSave Building Energy Management System is registered on the Government Energy Technology List, which means that users can easily obtain Green Deal funding in order to have the system installed.

Plus, since it allows home owners to cut energy bills by up to an impressive 30%+, HeatingSave is the perfect energy-saving measure to implement, given the huge long-term savings it enables.

The system is built around the idea of optimizing the energy consumption levels within any area with the help of an advanced heat-loss algorithm that creates a specific profile for any building and based on that, switches heating on later if its warm and off earlier if its cold.

It also automatically adjusts your boiler depending on how warm it is outside – save up to another 10%.

Additionally, the automatic occupancy detection allows the temperature to reduce to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used.

If you’d like to find out more information on the HeatingSave system and the way in which one can take advantage of it in conjunction with the Green Deal program, just contact our dedicated team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of the questions and queries you might have.

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