Peterborough homes to get free energy improvements

A new energy efficiency improvement scheme launched by the local authority in Peterborough will enable ten homes to benefit from up to £15,000 of energy efficiency measures each.

The council’s Peterborough Show Home Opportunity scheme aims to bolster energy efficiency in specific areas of the city where homes are typically poorly insulated and expensive to heat, such as Eastfield, Gladstone, Millfield and New England, a media news report on the matter could reveal.

In the first phase of the scheme, 100 homes (10 homes for each of the 10 streets targeted in the project) will each be awarded a free energy Green Deal Assessment worth £129.

In the second phase of the scheme, one home in each street will be awarded up to £15,000 of energy efficiency measures.

The scheme is open to property owners who are being urged to sign up to the scheme. The deadline is 20 June 2014.

Marco Cereste, leader of the council, said: “One of our key priorities is to improve the quality of life for people in Peterborough and having a good quality home is an important part of that.

“We did exceptionally well to secure funding from the Government and this scheme will focus that money in an area of our city that needs it most.

“Many of these homes are rented out and we would say to landlords and tenants – this can help you both as a more energy efficient home is cheaper to run and a more pleasant place to live.”

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