Prevent a household becoming fuel poor via heating pattern for each day of the week

The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group (FPAG) has urged the government to take on a “sky rocketing” problem. A household is classified in a state of fuel poverty if more than one-tenth of its income is spent on home heating. The FPAG, which is funded by the Department of Energy, estimates that 300,000 additional homes will be forced into fuel poverty this winter alone due to rising energy prices. “Time is running out for the government to [act],” the group said.

Prevent your household becoming “fuel poor” by permanently driving down bills via HeatingSave. Each heating zone within the HeatingSave energy management system has a heating diary and a default heating pattern for each day of the week. A standard pattern can be entered for each day and exceptions only created as they occur. This is a simple thing to do either using the 16 character by 4 line backlit, ‘large character’ LCD keyboard on the controller or at a PC.

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