Room temperature sensor keeps households comfortable while saving money

Energy customers face a winter of discontent since bills have risen between 6 per cent and 10.8% from the ‘big six’ companies over the last few months. Analysts have commented on this trend. “This set of industry wide price rises could not have come at a worse time, with the UK economy still faltering and a very cold winter forecast,” remarked Mark Todd, of price comparison website Mr Todd spoke of the “double whammy of bigger bills and lower temperatures”.

Heating bills are being pushed higher but households can hit back with HeatingSave. The HeatingSave room sensor replaces where your existing room thermostat was located. It continuously measures the temperature in your home and feeds this to the HeatingSave controller. You will need to have at least one temperature sensor for each heating zone. Then, HeatingSave will make small adjustments to keep the household comfortable without wasting fuel and money. This and other features can save you a quarter from bills.

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