Save hundreds of pounds off fuel bills with boiler control system

Your heating bills could be costing £100s more per year than they need to be, says the UK energy regulator. Ofgem has released a series of video guides aimed at raising awareness of customers’ rights. They include dealing with doorstep sales people, and debt and disconnection. “Our latest research shows that consumers who are not active in the market are paying on average around £170 a year more than they have to,” said Sarah Harrison, of Ofgem.

A much easier way to guarantee hundreds of pounds’ worth of fuel bill savings is to install HeatingSave’s boiler control system. In one of its money-saving features, HeatingSave automatically performs the function of turning the boiler up or down – the process is called Outside Temperature Compensation. The boiler is automatically turned up in cold weather or at times of peak demand and turned down when it’s warmer. Savings made through our outside temperature compensation are typically 10% or more, especially if outside temperatures fluctuate, as seems to be the case with global warming.

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